Built in Gothic and Romanesque style, the cathedral is the distinguishing landmark of the city of Freiburg. More than 800 years old, the cathedral’s characteristic reddish brown colour comes from the use of sandstone. Around the cathedral, on the Münsterplatz, you will find a lot of cosy restaurants and museums charting the city’s history. An extensive market is held here every morning offering fresh produce from the region.

Freiburger Münster

Our tip: try a “lange rot mit” from one of the many sausage stands,  the grilled sausage with onions in a bread roll typical of Freiburg. Very tasty!

Old town

The Zähringian town, which dates back more than 1000 years, was the state capital of Baden until 1952. Along with Tübingen and Heidelberg, Freiburg is one of Germany’s most beautiful university towns and thrives on a mixture of locals, students and international residents from all over the world.

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Freiburg’s old town is captivating with its many pretty lanes, small shops, half-timbered houses and the characteristic sandstone colour. Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse is the main shopping mile; here you can shop to your heart’s content before relaxing in one of the many small cafés. The “Bächle”, a network of narrow waterways, crisscrosses the entire city centre; every “Bobbele”(true citizen of Freiburg) is supposed to have bathed in them as a small child.


As a city of students, Freiburg has a lot of attractive cafés, pubs, restaurants and beer gardens. Here you can enjoy a freshly brewed beer or pay a visit to the “Fressgässle” to sample Freiburg’s culinary offerings.

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There are also plenty of clubs and discos; anyone who likes a quieter life will find numerous attractive wine bars and cosy restaurants. Sports fans can watch a SC Freiburg match in the Dreisam stadium or cheer on the Wolves in Freiburg’s ice rink.


On Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse, keen shoppers will find not only major department stores and well-known shops but also numerous small but exquisite shops offering unique, individual items.

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The famous Freiburg market offering regional produce and lots of Freiburg specialities takes place from Monday to Saturday on the Münsterplatz around the cathedral. Every Saturday, the city centre teems with people who come in from all around to go shopping and have a great day. It’s best if you park in the Konzerthaus garage or a short distance outside and enjoy a leisurely walk into the city centre.