...to know how to live.

The “Au Savoir Vivre” with its modern yet cosy ambience conveys the pleasure and joie de vivre of life. Rooms flooded with light and atmospheric lighting in the evening – plus good music – this is the right setting for relaxing, convivial and amusing hours with friends, as a couple or alone.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday & Sunday
11.30 o’clock – 14:00 o’clock & from 18:00 o’clock

from 18:00 o’clock

11.30 o’clock – 15:00 o’clock & from 18:00 o’clock

day of rest


Tel: +49 (0) 7631 74 373


Small mixed salad5,50 €


Salad plate with tuna fish8,90 €


Salad plate with fried chicken sticks and mushrooms13,90 €

Tomato cream soup with cream topping5,20 €


Minestrone – Italian vegetable soup6,50 €


Clear fish soup7,90 €

Antipasti plate9,90 €

Roasted vegetables and variation of cold starters


Vitello Tonnato8,90 €

Slices of veal with tuna sauce


Carpaccio of beef10,90 €

Fine slices of beef with parmesan and rocket

Veal escalope in white wine sauce16,90 €


Saltimbocca17,90 €

Veal escalope with ham in sage sauce


Rump steak from the grill with herb butter23,20 €


Our meat dishes are served with Mediterranean vegetables and rosemary potatoes or rice

Calamari Livornese13,90 €

Fried squid rings with capers, black olives, anchovies in tomato sauce


Calamari Provencial14,90 €

Fried squid rings with provencal herb sauce


Grilled salmon with lime and mint sauce21,30 €


Our fish dishes are served with Mediterranean vegetables and rosemary potatoes or rice

Pizza Margherita7,00 €

Tomato sauce and mozzarella


Pizza Salami7,60 €

Tomato sauce, salami and mozzarella


Pizza Prosciutto7,60 €

Tomato sauce, cooked ham and mozzarella


Pizza Tonno8,30 €

Tomato sauce, tuna, onions and mozzarella


Pizza Calzone8,90 €

Tomato sauce, fresh mushrooms, cooked ham, salami and mozzarella


Pizza Frutti di Mare12,90 €

Tomato sauce, seafood and mozzarella


Pizza Caprese8,20 €

Tomato sauce, tomatoes and mozzarella


Pizza Italia8,20 €

Tomato sauce, spinach, onions, fresh peppers and mozzarella


Pizza Napoli8,40 €

Tomato sauce, black olives, anchovies and mozzarella


Pizza Quattro Stagioni9,40 €

Tomato sauce, cooked ham, fresh mushrooms, black olives, artichokes and mozzarella


Pizza Quattro Formaggi8,60 €

Tomato sauce, 4 different kinds of cheese

Spaghetti Aglio e olio7,90 €

slightly hot with garlic oil


Spaghetti Carbonara8,20 €

with bacon, egg in cream sauce and parmesan


Penne Arabiata8,90 €

with onions, black olives, eggplant in hot tomato sauce


Penne con carne di manzo11,20 €

with beef strips and cherry tomato sauce


Tagliatelle al Salmone14,90 €

with fresh salmon in rosé wine sauce


Tagliatelle con Scampi13,90 €

with garlic-chilli cream sauce


Lasagne al forno9,90 €

garnished with minced beef, béchamel sauce, tomato sauce and cheese


Cannelloni al forno9,30 €

dough rolls filled with spinach and ricotta in tomato cream sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese5,50 €


Penne with tomato sauce4,90 €


Chicken Nuggets with french fries6,50 €

Panna Cotta with seasonal fruits6,20 €


Creme Brulée6,50 €


Tiramisu without alcohol6,40 €


Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream6,90 €


Ice dwarf4,60 €


Cup Denmark7,50 €

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

Lunch menu

Week from Tuesday, 25.02.2020 – Friday, 28.02.2020


As starter please choose: small mixed salad or soup of the day


Gnocchi with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella9,90 €

in butter parmesan sauce


Spaghetti with calamari rings and mussels11,90 €

in tomato sauce


Fine ribbon noodles with shrimps and peeled tomatoes12,40 €

in lobster sauce


Salmon from the grill15,90 €

in lemon-mint sauce


Tortellini with ham-cream-sauce8,90€


Roasted turkey steak on spaghetti10,90 €

with spicy tomato sauce


Roasted veal cutlet in porcini mushroom sauce with spaghetti13,90 €



We serve potatoes and vegetables with all meat or fish dishes


Also available in the lunch menu:

All pizzas of the main menu with a small mixed salad9,90 €



For dessert we recommend Panne Cotta, chocolate soufflé or crème brulee


Sei es das Geschäftsessen, Firmenjubiläum oder Familienfeier – der Erfolg Ihrer Feier ist unsere Freude. Gern sind wir Ihnen behilflich und beraten Sie umfassend vom Menü bis zur Dekoration.