...to know how to live.

Enjoyment of life and joie de vivre – this is what the “Au Savoir Vivre” conveys with its modern yet cosy ambience, Mediterranean cuisine and pizza from the real wood oven.

Light-flooded rooms and atmospheric lighting in the evening – accompanied by good music – this is the right setting for relaxed and restful, sociable and enjoyable hours with friends, as a couple or alone.



Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday & Sunday
11.30 am – 2:00 pm & from 5:30 pm

from 5:30 pm

Saturday Hot kitchen until 9.30 pm


11.30 am – 2:00 pm & from 5:30 pm


Tel: +49 (0) 7631 74 373


Insalata di pomodoro4,50 €

Tomato salad with red onions


Insalata mista5,20 €

Mixed salad with onions


Pomodoro e Mozzarella e basilicum8,90 €

Tomato slices with mozzarella and basil


Insalat mista con Tonno8,50 €

Mixed salad with tuna, olives and onions


Insalata Capricciosa10,20 €

Mixed salad with tuna, cheese, ham, egg and olives


Insalata con pollo e funghi13,50 €

Mixed salad with turkey strips and mushrooms

Zuppa di pomodoro5,20 €

Cream of tomato soup


Minestrone6,50 €

Italian vegetable soup


Zuppa di pesce8,20 €

Clear fish soup

Piatto di Antipasti10,70 €

Roasted vegetables and variation of cold starters


Vitello Tonnato9,90 €

Slices of veal with tuna sauce


Prosciutto di parma e melone12,20 €

Parma ham on melon


Insalata Frutti di Mare13,40 €

Seafood salad


Gamberoni pilpil10,40 €

Spicy prawns from the oven


Bruschetta5,50 €

Roasted bread with onions and diced tomatoes


Carpaccio11,50 €

Fine slices of beef with parmesan and ruccola

Pollo alla mediterran16,90 €

Turkey steak Mediterranean style in oven vegetables


Bistecca all griglia22,90 €

Grilled rump steak with potatoes and vegetables


Bistecca alla cipolla23,90 €

Rump steak with onions in red wine sauce with potatoes and vegetables


Scaloppa alla mozzarella20,10 €

Veal escalope with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, in Chardonnay cream sauce with potatoes and vegetables


Saltimbocca alla romana19,90 €

Veal escalope with parma ham and sage in white wine sauce, served with potatoes and vegetables

Salmone alla grilla22,10 €

Grilled salmon


Merluzzo al forno18,90 €

Cod with basil pesto and olives under the tomato cap


Calamari Provencial15,50 €

Fried squid rings with Provencal herbs


Gamberoni su Leto di verdura23,90 €

King prawns on vegetable bed with diced rosemary potatoes


Our fish dishes are served with Mediterranean vegetables and rosemary potatoes or rice

Pizza dal forno a legna (Pizza from the wood oven)


Pizza Margherita7,00 €

Tomato sauce and cheese


Pizza Prosciutto7,70 €

Tomato sauce, cooked ham and cheese


Pizza Prosciutto e funghi8,10 €

Tomato sauce, cooked ham, mushrooms and cheese


Pizza Salami7,50 €

Tomato sauce, salami and cheese


Pizza Primavera8,40 €

Tomato sauce, cooked ham, salami, mushrooms and cheese


Pizza Hawai8,20 €

Tomato sauce, cooked ham, pineapple and cheese


Pizza Calzone8,90 €

Tomato sauce, ham, salami, mushrooms and cheese


Pizza Tonno8,50 €

Tomato sauce, tuna, onions and cheese


Pizza Caserta8,70 €

Tomato sauce, tuna, spinach, onions and cheese


Pizza Frutti di Mare13,20 €

Tomato sauce, seafood and cheese


Pizza Caprese8,50 €

Tomato sauce and mozzarella slices


Pizza Italia8,40 €

Tomato sauce, spinach, onions, peppers and cheese


Pizza Diavolo9,20 €

Tomato sauce, hot salami, paprika and cheese


Pizza Capricciosa9,80 €

Tomato sauce, cooked ham, mushrooms, artichokes, anchovies and cheese


Pizza Ruccola9,60 €

Tomato sauce, rocket and cheese


Pizza Napoli8,60 €

Tomato sauce, olives, anchovies and cheese


Pizza Quattro Stagioni9,60 €

Tomato sauce, cooked ham, mushrooms, artichokes, olives and cheese


Pizza Quattro Formaggi8,70 €

Tomato sauce and four different types of cheese


Pizza Poppey8,10 €

Tomato sauce, spinach, gorgonzola and cheese

Pasta (noodle dishes)


Spaghetti Aglio e olio7,90 €

slightly hot with garlic oil


Spaghetti Carbonara8,30 €

with bacon, egg in cream sauce and parmesan


Spaghetti con carne di manzo11,40 €

with meat strips and cherry tomato sauce


Tagliatelle al Salmone14,90 €

with fresh salmon in rosé wine sauce


Tagliatelle con Scampi14,20 €

with prawns and cherry tomatoes in chilli cream sauce


Tagliatelle con ragu di manzo13,20 €

with beef ragout in light tomato sauce


Penne all’arrabiata8,20 €

with onions and olives in hot tomato sauce


Penne Laura8,40 €

with broccoli in gorgonzola sauce


Tortellini panna e prosciutto8,70 €

with ham and cream sauce


Al Forno (au gratin)


Lasagne al forno9,90 €

with minced beef and béchamel sauce


Penne con pollo e funghi10,20 €

in cream sauce with turkey strips and mushrooms


Risotto (rice)


Risotto al Frutti di Mare14,20 €

with seafood in white wine sauce


Risotto con scampi e porcini14,70 €

with scampi and porcini mushrooms in cherry tomato sauce

Pasta with tomato sauce or bolognese5,50 €


Small turkey steak from the grill8,90 €

with French fries


Chicken Nuggets6,50 €

with French fries

Panna Cotta with seasonal fruits6,20 €


Creme Brulée6,50 €


Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream7,20 €


Ice dwarf5,20 €


Cup Denmark7,60 €

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

Lunch menu

Week from Tuesday, 27.10.2020 – Friday, 30.10.2020 


As starter please choose: small mixed salad or soup of the day


Penne with four different types of cheese8,90 €


Risotto with diced vegetables11,20 €

in parmesan sauce


Spaghetti with shrimps and porcini mushrooms11,60 €

in cherry tomato sauce


Tagliatelle with fried cuttlefish11,90 €

in saffron sauce


Grilled fillet of gilthead with rosemary potatoes13,70€


Cordon bleu of veal with french fries12,40 €



Also available in the lunch menu: Pizza from the wood oven

Pizzas of the main menu with small mixed salad9,90 €



For dessert we recommend Panne Cotta, chocolate soufflé or crème brulee


Sei es das Geschäftsessen, Firmenjubiläum oder Familienfeier – der Erfolg Ihrer Feier ist unsere Freude. Gern sind wir Ihnen behilflich und beraten Sie umfassend vom Menü bis zur Dekoration.