Terms of Service

Christel Gugel GmbH – Three-Country Camping and Leisure Park Gugel
for holiday and overnight guests – as well as for our rental properties (supplementary/different terms and conditions for rental properties see below)

Insofar as only the feminine or only the masculine form of language is used in the provisions of these GTC, this is done
are used, this is merely for linguistic simplification. The provisions apply equally to all natural persons, hereinafter referred to as CG.

The contract to be concluded with the campsite guest (= tenant) shall be governed by the following
These are supplemented and substantiated by the posted campsite regulations and the current price list. By entering the campsite, the tenant accepts the campsite rules and the current price list.


The registration of the campsite guest (CG) is binding after receipt of the reservation fee (50,- € for a stay of less than 100,- € and 100,- € for a stay of more than 100,- €) and the written confirmation by the landlord, i.e. the company Christel Gugel GmbH. With the binding registration, the tenant acknowledges his agreement with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Campingpark Gugel.
Information given over the phone, additional agreements or other assurances of any kind must be made in writing to be valid and are only part of the contract if confirmed in writing by Christel Gugel GmbH. Possible discounts depend on the season, the duration of the booked stay or special offers. An additional discount is not granted, the special offers are only valid with unchanged acceptance.

Amendment of contract, withdrawal

Changes to the contract are possible subject to the consent of Christel Gugel GmbH, insofar as this change is feasible on the part of Gugel GmbH (e.g. renting another pitch).
The campsite guest may withdraw from the contract at any time up to the date of arrival. It must be made in writing. In the event of cancellation before arrival or non-arrival of the CG, for whatever reason, the reservation fee paid (see above) remains with the lessor – there will be no refund of the reservation fee (see also reservation form).

Arrival and departure

The pitch is available to the CG from 14 h of the booked date, arrival can take place at the latest by closing of the reception (see seasonal office hours). In case of late arrival, the campsite administration must be informed. The pitch will be kept free until 8 a.m. at the latest the following morning. If we do not receive any information from the tenant, the pitch can be passed on without compensation from this time onwards.

Departure must take place by 11 h. There is the possibility of a later departure, if the pitch is the pitch is available. In this case, a late departure (up to 18 h at the latest) can be arranged by paying a surcharge (see price list). In the event of early departure, no reimbursement of costs will be made to the tenant, unless there is a case of force majeure. Guests with individual electricity readings must pay the electricity costs on departure, guests who have booked a rented sanitary cabin must return the key for this on departure. The pitch must be returned clean and undamaged on departure.

Breach of contract due to force majeure

(1) Without prejudice to the possibility of termination for cause, if a party is prevented from performing the contract by force majeure, such as war, endemic disease, pandemic, severe flood, fire, typhoon, storm and earthquake, the period for performance of the contract shall be extended by the period during which the force majeure exists.

(2) ‘force majeure’ means the occurrence of an event which prevents a party, at least temporarily, from performing one or more of its obligations under the contract, if and to the extent that the party affected by an impediment proves that

  • that this obstacle is beyond your reasonable control
  • that the event was not reasonably foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of the contract
  • that the effects of the obstacle could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome by the affected party.

(3) the affected party shall notify the other party immediately of the occurrence of force majeure and of the suspension of the obligation to perform.

(4) if the conditions for the assumption of force majeure (para. 2) cease to apply, the affected party shall notify the other party without delay, at least by e-mail.

(5) Should the effect of force majeure last longer than 60 (sixty) days, the other party has the right to terminate the contract without notice with the consequence of a contract reversal in accordance with the
termination of the contract in accordance with the statutory provisions.


In principle, only registered campers may use the camping park, the swimming pool and the camping facilities. Visitors (day visitors, overnight visitors and short-term visitors) must register at the campsite reception before entering the site. The visitor price displayed at the reception is to be paid according to the valid price list. Day visitors and short-stay visitors are not allowed to use the swimming pool and the fitness room. They must leave the campsite by 10 pm at the latest and are not allowed to stay overnight free of charge. The registered tenant is liable for this with costs. Visitor vehicles or second vehicles are not permitted on the camping site – but can be parked for a fee in the designated car park outside the barriered area. Christel Gugel GmbH does not accept any liability for these vehicles.

Liability of the landlord

The Lessor shall be liable exclusively for damages arising from injury to life, body and health that are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by him, his legal representatives or vicarious agents. In all other respects, the liability of the lessor for personal injury and damage to property, also to third parties, in particular visitors of the lessee, is excluded. This also applies to damage caused by force majeure, damage to vehicles, caravans or other property and damage caused by the interruption of the power or water supply. The lessor is not liable for negligent breaches of duty resulting in damage caused by the use of the provisions, facilities, paths or equipment located on the site. The requests of the campsite staff must be obeyed by the tenant and his visitors.

Liability of the tenant

The aforementioned liability agreement (liability of the landlord) includes the persons living in his household and other persons staying on the camping site with his consent. In the event of a breach of this, he/she shall indemnify the lessor against claims by third parties within the scope of the exclusion of liability and shall be obliged to compensate the lessor if necessary. Damage to the rented site and damage to the facilities and equipment of the camping park must be reported to the lessor immediately. The hirer shall be liable for any damage caused by culpably late notification. Use of the swimming pool is at your own risk. Parents are liable for their children. Children under 11 years of age may only use the swimming pool if accompanied by an adult. We refer specifically to the binding rules of conduct displayed in the swimming pool. In the event of contravention of these rules of conduct, the tenant cannot assert any claims for damages against the landlord. The use of the fitness room is permitted to persons over 18 years of age, in accordance with the regulations posted there.

The tenant shall be liable for damage to the rented property, the facilities and equipment of the camping park culpably caused by neglect of the duties of care and custody incumbent upon him. This also applies to damage caused by his relatives, visitors, craftsmen commissioned by him or other third parties who are on the grounds of the camping park with his consent. Several persons as tenants are liable as joint and several debtors for all obligations arising from the rental contract. The tenants authorise each other in such a way that each of them alone is entitled to accept declarations of intent, e.g. notices of termination, with effect for all of them. The power of attorney may be revoked in writing for good cause.


Christel Gugel GmbH is entitled to terminate the contract without notice for good cause if the CG persistently violates the campsite regulations through his or her behaviour, endangers others or causes persistent disturbances, makes use of the pitch in breach of the contract, does not follow the instructions of the staff of the camping park or otherwise behaves in a way that is in breach of the contract. In this case, the camper is not entitled to a refund of the rental price.

Young people travelling alone

Young people travelling alone are not accepted. An exception can only be made if there is a written power of attorney from the respective legal guardian,
in which they assume full liability for the young person.



The posted site regulations and the General Terms and Conditions (see also homepage) also apply to all points of our rental properties (these are to be observed by the tenant of the rental property, family members and any guests) unless they are modified by the special terms and conditions mentioned below,

Supplementary/different terms and conditions for our rental properties

Reservation and payment

For a reservation of the rental properties, a deposit of 100,- € is due within 10 days after reservation. The remaining amount for the booked stay must be paid in full no later than 28 days before arrival. With the written confirmation of the booking by us, you will receive the date by which the balance must be received by us.

For short-term bookings, the payment for the stay must be received on our account within 5 days of our booking confirmation. The same applies to stays of less than € 200. If the payment deadlines are exceeded by more than 5 days, Christel Gugel GmbH has an extraordinary right of termination without prior notice. The estimated rental costs shall be borne by the tenant.

The amount of the rent and the additional services can be found in our respective valid price list (notice board and homepage). Should the length of stay – for whatever reason – be shortened, payment must still be made by the end of the originally booked stay. There will be no refund in the event of an early departure. In the event of late arrival, the campsite administration must be notified in writing. The rented accommodation will be kept free until 10 h the following morning at the latest and must also be paid for in full for the night without occupancy. If we do not receive any information from the tenant, the rented property can be passed on without compensation from the following day 10 h onwards. We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance (e.g. Europäische Reiseversicherung -ERV). Restricted possibilities of using the rental object do not entitle to a reduction of the rent or the price of the overnight stay. There is no discount for the rental objects.

Withdrawal from the booking

Should you cancel before the start of the trip, our claim to the agreed fee remains valid, regardless of the reasons given.
Cancellation is possible up to 28 days before the start of the rental period. The costs for the deposit of 100,- € will be retained.
In case of cancellation from 27 days to 7 days before the start of the rental period, 60 % of the total amount will be retained.
In case of cancellation 6 days or more before the start of the rental period, no refund of the total amount will be made.
Cancellation must be made in writing and only becomes effective upon receipt by Gugel GmbH.

Arrival and departure

Arrival for rental properties is possible from 16 h (at the latest 1 hour before closing time of the reception – see valid office hours on homepage). A deposit of € 150 is due on arrival.
Departure for rental properties must take place by 10 hrs. Occupancy beyond this period is not possible for organisational reasons). Please contact the reception in good time before departure in order to arrange an appointment for check-out.


The rented accommodation may not be occupied by more than the stated number of persons (see price list on the notice board/homepage). Bedding, bed linen, towels and tea towels must be brought by the tenant. Guests are not allowed to stay overnight and must be registered at the campsite reception.

Pets are not allowed in our rental properties.

An inventory list is deposited in the rental property. The tenant is kindly requested to check this list for completeness upon arrival. If any furnishings are missing or damaged, please report this to the site management within 24 hours. Defects reported later will not be acknowledged. On departure, the list will be checked by the campsite. The tenant has to treat all inventory with care, as well as to maintain and clean the rented object and the entrusted objects. Should any defects occur during the stay, these must be reported immediately to the campsite reception. Only considerable defects or disturbances are considered for a termination of the contract by the CG. The CG has to set a reasonable period for remedy within the scope of the notice of defects, unless the remedy is impossible, refused by the host or an immediate termination is objectively justified by a special interest of the CG recognisable to the host or the continuation of the stay is objectively unreasonable for the CG for such reasons. We will be happy to remedy the situation. If this is not possible because the defect was not reported to us immediately, this does not result in a claim for rent reduction or compensation! The tenant is responsible for lost or damaged inventory or other damage to the rented items and is obliged to reimburse the landlord for any damage caused by him. The CG is obliged to treat the accommodation and its facilities as well as all facilities of the host only as intended, as far as available (swimming pool, fitness room and sauna) according to their regulations of use and overall with care.

Final cleaning

The rented accommodation must be handed over in a swept clean condition on the day of departure, electrical (gas) appliances must be switched off: Dishes, pots, glasses, cutlery, kitchen utensils etc. must be cleaned, the refrigerator must be emptied, the rubbish bin must be emptied and rubbish must be disposed of (rubbish disposal area at the entrance to the camping park). Any additional final cleaning will be carried out by the company Christel Gugel GmbH and will be charged to the tenant with a fee of 30,- €.
Acceptance is carried out by the campsite administration (see arrival and departure).
After proper handover and return of the keys, the deposit will be refunded.

The place of performance is 79395 Neuenburg.

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from and in connection with this contract is the local court in 79395 Müllheim.