Terms of Service

Christel Gugel GmbH – Three Country Camping and Leisure Park Gugel for Holiday and Overnight Guests

The following terms and conditions apply to the contract to be concluded with the camping guest (= tenant), which are supplemented and specified by the posted campsite regulations and current price list. By entering the camping park, the renter acknowledges the camping rules and current price list.


The registration of the camping guest (CG ) is binding after receipt of the reservation fee ( = 50,- € for a stay of less than 100,- € and = 100,- € for a stay of more than 100,- €) and the written confirmation by the landlord, the company Christel Gugel GmbH. With the binding registration the tenant acknowledges his agreement with the terms and conditions of the Campingpark Gugel. Upon arrival, the CG and his companion will register at the reception desk and receive a registration certificate. Telephone information, ancillary agreements or other assurances of any kind whatsoever must be made in writing in order to be effective and are only an integral part of the contract if confirmed in writing by Christel Gugel GmbH. Possible discounts depend on the season, the duration of the booked stay or special offers. An additional discount is not granted, the special offers are only valid with unchanged acceptance.

Change of contract, withdrawal

Contract changes are subject to the consent of Christel Gugel GmbH possible, as far as this change is feasible on the part of the company Gugel GmbH (e.g. rental of another parking space). Until the arrival the contract can be cancelled at any time. It must take place in writing. In case of cancellation before arrival or early departure, the paid reservation fee of 50,- € or 100,- € (see above) remains with the landlord – there will be no refund of the reservation fee (see also reservation form).

Arrival and departure

The pitch is available to the CG from 14 h of the booked date, the arrival can take place at the latest until the closing of the reception (see seasonal office hours). In case of late arrival, the campsite administration must be informed. The pitch will be kept free until 8 hours the following morning at the latest. If we do not receive any information from the tenant, the pitch can be passed on without compensation from this point in time. The departure must take place until 12 hrs. There is the possibility of a later departure, as far as the parking space is available. In this case a later departure can be booked by payment of a surcharge at a value of at least ½ day renting fee. In case of early departure no reimbursement of the paid reservation fee will be made, unless there is a case of force majeure. On departure, the guest will present his/her registration certificate and pay the corresponding fees before departure and, in the case of renting a sanitary cabin, will hand in the key for it. Guests with individual electricity consumption must pay this consumption on departure after reading, or make interim payments for longer stays. The pitch must be returned clean and undamaged on departure.

Breach of contract due to force majeure

In the event of breaches of contract due to force majeure (e.g. natural disasters), the respective contractual partners shall be entitled to an extraordinary right of termination. In this case, the lessor shall reimburse the lessee for the invoice amounts paid less pro rata fees for
services already rendered. There are no other reciprocal claims.


In principle, only registered camping guests may use the site, the swimming pool and the camping facilities. Visitors (day visitors, overnight visitors and short visitors) must register at the campsite reception desk before entering the site. The price of the visit, which is displayed at the reception, must be paid in accordance with the valid price list. Day and short visitors are not allowed to use the swimming pool and fitness room. They must leave the campsite by no later than 22 hrs or may not stay overnight free of charge. The registered tenant is liable for the costs. Visitor vehicles or second vehicles are not permitted on the camping site – but may be parked in the designated car park outside the restricted area. Christel Gugel GmbH assumes no liability for these vehicles.

Liability of the lessor

The lessor is exclusively liable for damages resulting from injury to life, body and health which are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by him, his legal representatives or vicarious agents. In all other respects, the Lessor’s liability for personal injury and damage to property, also vis-à-vis third parties, in particular visitors of the Lessee, is excluded. This also applies to damage caused by force majeure, damage to vehicles, caravans or other items and damage caused by the interruption of the power or water supply. The Lessor shall not be liable for negligent breaches of duty resulting from damage caused by the use of precautions, installations, paths or equipment located on the premises. The renter and his visitors must comply with the requests made by the camping staff.

Liability of the renter

The renter is obliged to pass on the aforementioned liability agreement (liability of the lessor) to the persons living in his household and to other persons who are staying on the camping site with his consent. In the event of a breach of this provision, the Lessee shall indemnify the Lessor against claims by third parties within the scope of the exclusion of liability and shall be obliged to compensate the Lessor if necessary. Damage to the rented space and damage to the facilities and facilities of the camping park must be reported to the lessor immediately. The renter is liable for damages caused by culpably delayed advertisements. Use of the swimming pool is at your own risk. Parents are liable for their children. Children under the age of 11 may only use the swimming pool if accompanied by an adult. We draw special attention to the binding rules of conduct posted in the swimming pool. If these rules of conduct are contravened, the tenant cannot assert any claims for damages against the landlord. The use of the fitness room is permitted for persons 18 years and older, according to the instructions posted there.

The tenant is liable for damage to the rental property, the facilities and facilities of the camping park caused by the neglect of his duties of care. This also applies to damage caused by his relatives, visitors, craftsmen commissioned by him or other third parties who are on the grounds of the camping park with his consent. Several persons as tenants are jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from the rental agreement. The tenants authorise each other in such a way that each of them alone is entitled to accept declarations of intent, e.g. cancellations, with effect for all. The power of attorney may be revoked in writing for good cause.


Christel Gugel GmbH is entitled to terminate the contract without notice for an important reason if the CG violates the camping site regulations, endangers others or causes lasting disturbances, makes a use of the camping site contrary to the terms of the contract, does not follow the instructions of the personnel of the camping park or otherwise behaves grossly contrary to the terms of the contract. In this case the camping guest is not entitled to a refund of rental fees already paid.

Young people travelling alone

Young people travelling alone will not be admitted. An exception can only be made here if there is a written power of attorney from the respective parent or legal guardian in which they assume full liability for the young people.

Place of fulfilment is 79395 new castle.
Place of jurisdiction for all disputes from and over this contract is the district court in 79395 Müllheim.